Frost VFX is a premium digital effects company based in Stockholm, aiming for perfection and artistic brilliancy. We are a group of experts with a wide range of skills to deliver high-end visual effects and animation to enable your impossible ideas to become real. Our focus is to make this process easy and straight-forward by giving emphasis to good communication and groundwork. Feel free to contact us and we can take it from there!
FC Barcelona – Safety Video
Preem - Gasoline of the Future
Expert - Blob
Bredbandsbolaget - Polarbear
Scania - Mountains

Leo Vegas – Mega Fortune

Get Lucky!
Leo Vegas online casino goes Miami and now you get the epic winning streaks right in your phone! We made the film together with Johan Elsner with a print picture to go with it. So get ready for money explosions coming out of your screen!

Clas Ohlson – The Useful Ones

Fixers to the Resque!
We’re happy to present this campaign for Clas Ohlson with Sebastian Reed as director at Camp David and the agency Colony! All kinds of magic is going on to state what great things you can do with the Clas Ohlson equipment. Most effect shots were done using practical solutions and a good deal of compositing.

Bredbandsbolaget – Polarbear

Take a ride with Kenny!
The cold winter is here so why don’t we just fast forward to springtime with the help of Kenny the super hero on a giant polar bear! Once again we’re proud of working with director Sebastian Hedin and Another Production. We did the VFX including one giant polar bear and all the environments in CG.

Netflix – Everywhere

Stream On!
Our latest and greatest Online work is for Netflix with director Niklas Larsson and Camp David! Display screens were added in post as well as cleanup and other classic online stuff. Enjoy!

Lorentz & Sakarias – Molnen

Enter the Mist
Great music and Swedish weather make a perfect match in this smooth, dream-like music video for Lorentz & Sakarias, directed by Marcus Lundin. We provided the visual effects with clouds taking over the sceneries.

Click here to watch the video!

Stadium – Superheroes

The Kids got Skills!
Director Marcus Lundin and production company Standart gave us the opportunity to work on these new great films for Stadium! It’s futuristic and with lots of acrobatic stunts, hope you like it!

Jokk – Smash

Just Smashing!
Splatter mixed with a splash of northern wilderness is what meets the eye in this film directed by Marcus Lundin for Jokk cranberry juice. Frost VFX had the pleasure of doing the post production and online.

Lidl – Say It with Meat

The Beef is On!
We did the online for this brilliant film directed by Robert Jitzmark! It’s about Lidl’s dedication to quality meat and the poetic beauty of a bratwurst. A great inspiration for you to light up the grill and express yourself!

Ellos – Catwalk

The Runway in Heaven!
Frost VFX enters the world of fashion with this film originally made for the Ellos press release at Fotografiska in Stockholm on April 11. The film covered the walls at the event with a cloudy landscape and a CG fashion top model with attitude. On the stage Ellos announced their campaign together with guest designer Linnéa Braun, founder of The Shirt Factory. Focus was on her design of a white shirt and it’s wide range of tasteful combinations. We thank trend forecaster and head of production Kristin Hellberg for the cooperation and the rest is best said by quoting from the Ellos website:
‘The visionary company Frost VFX has taken fashion shows to a new level when creating an animated 3D show taking place in heaven.’

Rusta – Falling

Head Over Heels
Danger is just around the corner in this latest film for Rusta and it’s a close call for a cappuccino! We did the post production, mattepainting the exteriors and integrating CG elements with studio footage. It was a joy working with directors Daniel and Fredrik Lundh and the agency Tre Kronor.

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