Frost VFX is a premium digital effects company based in Stockholm, aiming for perfection and artistic brilliancy. We are a group of experts with a wide range of skills to deliver high-end visual effects and animation to enable your impossible ideas to become real. Our focus is to make this process easy and straight-forward by giving emphasis to good communication and groundwork. Feel free to contact us and we can take it from there!
FC Barcelona – Safety Video
Preem - Gasoline of the Future
Expert - Blob
Bredbandsbolaget - Polarbear
Scania - Mountains

Delicato – Yes Sure!

All-Purpose Pastries
Be inspired to your new diet with these films for Delicato! We had a good time taking care of the VFX work as well as the online. A big thank you goes to Camp David and director Robert Jitzmark.

Morran & Tobias – The Movie!

A Swedish Blockbuster!
We are so proud of having participated in the production of “Morran och Tobias – Som en skänk från ovan”. The movie is the most attended Swedish production in national theaters this year! Our work has consisted of adding fire to the intro sequence when the duo’s house is burnt to the ground. We also did the chroma key of different shots as well as a CG airplane! A big thank you goes to director Mats Lindberg at Traktor, the brilliant producers Emma Nyberg and Niklas Jakobsson and, last but not least, the team at Gangsters.

Click here to watch the trailer!

Polarn & Pyret – The Lab

Graphics Everywhere!
Check out this stylish compilation of films directed by Anders Lövgren at Made to Order!

Nokian – Inside the Tyre

Thougher Than the Rest
Watch this film for Nokian, starring world champion formula one driver Mika Häkkinen! It was as always a pleasure to work with director Robert Jitzmark at Camp David.

Ramlösa – Bubbles

Sparkling Emotions!
We worked on this poetic film for Ramlösa, directed by Simon Ladefoged at Camp David. It was a pleasure!

Moyee – Coffee

Fair & Square

Watch these films for Moyee coffee, directed by Robert Jitzmark! We happily assisted with the Online.

CityGross – Hans & Gretel

Tough Cookies
The old story of Hansel and Gretel has a new twist in this film for City Gross, directed by Mats Lindberg at Traktor. We worked on concept design and a set extension of the tasty gingerbread house in cooperation with Gangsters.

FC Barcelona – Safety Video

Safety First

Here is the latest great work by Camp David director Robert Jitzmark for you to see! In this film the world famous FC Barcelona team helps out in giving safety instructions together with Qatar Airways. We made the VFX for the films in the campaign, which included the Camp Nou stadium in CG with cheering fans.

MediaMarkt – Merry Techie Christmas!

High-Tech Way Up North!
Go behind the scenes of the MediaMarkt facilities in this Christmas Campaign! We had the joy of creating lots of the elements that make it extra cool, including the factory environment, a packaging robot and a holographic Christmas tree. A big thank you goes to director Henrik Sundgren at Giants and Toys and to Gangsters!

Valio – The Storm

Rough Sea and Smooth Sailing!
Our latest marine adventure is here for you to see. We made a stormy ocean in CG for the wider shots and also provided the online work. A big thank you goes to the director Christoffer von Reis and to Ari Laitinen at Otto Film!

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