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Eurovision – Billboard

Laser Logo Love!
It’s time for The Eurovision Song Contest – with all your favorite brands! For this sponsor film director Henrik Jakobsson first presented the idea of a spectacular laser show totally made in CG. We then used our expert skills in lensflares and parties to capture the spirit of the Eurovision. Best of luck to the contenders!

Bredbandsbolaget – Winter

Christmas Super Hero to the Resque!
Bredbandsbolaget is getting ready for Christmas with the help of Kenny! In a cosy winter scenery he finds his special ways to show you great offers for the holidays. To make it really special we helped him out performing the super hero stunts with some VFX and it was all directed by the one and only Sebastian Hedin.

Kanal 5 – Färjan

The Balltic Sea got a new look in this promo for Kanal5′s ‘Färjan’ and it sure took some CG balls to make the fantasy become real. Director Niklas Kimber at ReelMacoy also proved to be a skilled surfer, as seen in the film!

Bredbandsbolaget – Fireworks

The Big Bang!
The awesome concept of insane pyrotechnics and a Segway rally takes the second film for Bredbandsbolaget to a new level of cool. We filled the sky with fireworks and made the message clear about Bredbandsbolaget’s great offer. Big thanks goes to Partizan and director Sebastian Hedin.

Expert – Blob

Shake that Jello!
Good vibrations come with a twist when The Blob goes looking for a new TV set. He finds a good beat and just grooves along whatever happens . The Frost VFX team made The Blob come to life with 3D animation and our deep understanding of wobbliness. This project was done with Hobbyfilm and Oscar Bård as director. Additional online work was done at Redrum together with the other films in this campaign.

Novelle – Drops

Enter the Bottle
Impossible camera moves can sometimes be the best way to make a perfect packshot and this is no exception. Frost VFX worked with The Line and Acne director Tobias Granström on this project and we got a great deal of assistance from the beautiful scenery of the Stockholm archipelago.

Bredbandsbolaget – Cake

Bring on the Owls!
We are very proud of having worked on the latest films for Bredbandsbolaget together with director Sebastian Hedin and Partizan. The first film got a kick start with a ballistic cake and lots of marzipan delivered by giant robot owls!

OLW – Packshot

Crispy Stuff
A new packshot coming up! These well-directed snacks found their way home with great acrobatic skills. We did the 3D and compositing for Redrum who provided the online for client B-Reel.

A6 – On The Road

Back Seat Driving at its Best
Going for a ride with this crowd was an easy task with a chroma screen and some road movies. We did the grade and all compositing. Our thanks goes to Director Sebastian Hedin, Producer Pia Dueholm and Maja Lobas at Partizan!

Golden Cap – Packshot

Sparkling good!
We made some packshots for Redrum in the remakes of Golden Cap commercials with Camp David and Bob Helsinki as clients. It was great fun!

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