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Valio – Dancer

Keep on Dancing!
This vibrant film for Valio takes you through some really fast dance moves, where even the reflections have a hard time catching up. We changed the dancer’s reflections in the mirror, replaced what is seen outside the windows and also made the packshot in 3D. Thanks goes to director Marcus Lundin and Standart!

EF – Time Travel

The Good Old Days!
We are happy to show you this beautiful film for EF with director Gustav Johansson at New Land. Our task was to integrate the actors with stock footage of its time.

Miljonlotteriet – The Truck

Keep On Trucking
Another great production for Gangsters where we delivered the truck in CG on its tour across the country.

Boxer Play – Terry

Never Bored Again!
Life on a tropical island is not a problem when you have access to all your best TV Shows! In this campaign we follow Terry O’Quinn as he is stranded in Paradise, fortunately with the everyday comfort of having Boxer by his side. Once again we have the joy of working for director Robert Jitzmark and Camp David.

Preem – The Gasoline of the Future

Simply Preemium
This very poetic film for Preem was directed by Oskar Wrangö at Camp David. Frost VFX did the online and we are proud of it!

ICA – Week 21

We bet you’ll like this latest Ica commercial where we worked for Gangsters Post to make the 3D in the film. It was a pleasure!

L300 – Skin Care

Looking Good the Easy Way
Frost VFX present a new film directed by Sebastian Reed for L300! As you guessed it’s all about their skin care products. We did the online, retouch and 3D packshot for the beauty of it.

Vimla – Stop Motion

One Frame at a Time
Vimla is a brand new telephone company with a straight forward message for everybody to like! We worked on ten short films with stop motion, all describing something good about the service. It was great working with Made to Order with such a nice concept!

Bredbandsbolaget – Seasons

Going Through Changes
Summer is coming and as always when Kenny is around — it is happening with great speed! We made the time-lapse changes in this film for Bredbandsbolaget, so that our hero could do his part in a warm and cosy studio. It is as always a pleasure to work with director Sebastian Hedin.

IKEA – All in Order

Get Organized!
We are happy to serve you a new film for IKEA, directed by Sebastian Reed at Camp David Film. Frost VFX provided the online and compositing.

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